In the spring, we have been having an annual Ladies Day. We have a different speaker every year to give us encouragement and a focus to work toward in our Christian walk.  The date of our gathering is normally the last Saturday in March, but may vary depending on scheduling conflicts.

In May, we celebrate our high school seniors and their parents with a Senior breakfast.

The last full week in July, we have our Vacation Bible school.  We have adult classes, and all age groups down to age two. Come and join us for puppets, fun crafts and a wonderful learning experience.  Time is from 6:30 pm to 8 pm nightly.

After every home football game, we host a dinner for the players and support personnel (we call it “After the Whistle Stops”) in our fellowship building. The menus vary, but we try to have plenty for any who choose to show up.  The opposing team is encouraged to join us, for food and fellowship after the game.


If we may help you or answer questions, please call 824-7901.

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